Solid Glass Electric Guitars

function and art coming together

You have never seen a guitar like this before — It truly is functional art at its most innovative. Glass has a unique and high resonance which enhances the vibration/frequency of each cord or note played. Every guitar is hand made from one solid piece of float glass to ensure the highest precision possible. This solid one-piece construction also allows for the highest sustain that is unmatched by any material currently used to make guitars to date. Each guitar can be made to suit the guitarist from size and thickness of fretboard to type of fretting.
Glass guitars are not as heavy as most people think. As of now, they weigh just under 10 lbs and I am constantly working to shave more weight off. Even the fretboards are custom made with glass and proper fretting. This creates almost no friction between the strings and fretboard compared to its standard wooden counter part. This allows the guitarist to play faster than they were able to play before. Glass also has virtually no expansion and contraction, which will help the guitars stay in tune for much longer.
As music and glass are my passions in life, I am also working on designing other instruments. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.